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English name: Citrus aurantium L Origin: the young fruit of rutaceae poncirus trifoliata, citrus aurantium L or citurs sinensis L osbeck Plant morphology& Physical Property: poncirus trifoliate, citrus aurantium L small arbors The young fruit is spherical, with diameter of 0 3-3 cm Place of origin are Sichuan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Hu’nan etc The raw material in Sichuan, named Chuan citrus, while in Jiangxi, named Jiang citrus Collecting and processing: Harvest during May and June, drying in the sun, big ones are cut into two before drying Chemical composition: the peels of citrus contains essential oil and mainly contains flavonoid glycosides etc


Product name: Naringin 
M.F. &M. W. :  C27H32O14;      580.53
CAS NO.: 10236-47-2
Plant source: rutaceous citrus paradise macfadyen, fruit; citrus grandis L. osbeck and C. paradise macfad., dried immature or nearly maturate epicarp. 
Physical Property: yellowish powder; M.P.: 171℃; soluble in hot water, ethanol, acetone and hot acetic acid, insoluble in aether, hexane and chloroform. 
Indications:  Naringin is a kind of dihydro-flavonoids compound, none of conjugations between loop A and B, thereby, strong UV absorption peak was appeared at 282 nm, owing to this contributes to variety of biological activity and pharmacological action. It has functions such as: anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, anti-cancer, anti-mutation, anti- allergic, anti- ulcer, analgesia, reducing blood pressure activity, depressing serum cholesterol and the formation of thrombus. Through this way, it can boost local microcirculation and nutrition supplying, for the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 
1、Reports shows that: significance anti-inflammatory action with 100mg/kg Naringin hypodermic injection to cavy, strong inhibiting effect on vesicular stamatitis virus with 200mg/L Naringin ;
2、Lowering sticky of blood, reducing thrombus formation, analgesia, mitigation and strong increasing choleresis on experimental animals;
3、 Hyposensitization, anti-allergic, invigorating the circulation of blood, boosting local micro-circulation and nutrition supplying. It has unique effect on promoting drugs excretion, relieving cranial nerve damage and toxic and side effect of caused by streptomycin;
4、Under alkaline condition, over oxidation, will generate dihydrochalcone sweeteners which is 1000 times sweetness of cane sugar. Naringin reacting together with isovanillin will generate Neohesperidin which is 950 times sweetness of dihydrochalcone. It is a new sweetener with nontoxic, low energy, high sweetness. 
Application: As natural pigment, modifier and bitterness widely applied in food and beverage production, also used as raw materials which synthesizing to Naringin dihydrochalcone and Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone with nontoxic, low energy, high sweetness. Besides, it can be used in other fields. With inoxidizability, it is clocking radical chain reaction of pyrogallol autoxidation.